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What is is completely devoted to the TI-83+ and the HP-49G, and it is run by Ash33 (That's me =) ). Here you will find calculator programs that I have made, tutorials, and more! Sorry, for not updating for so long, but please be patient while I finish the site.


Why program on graphing calculators?

Most graphing calculators have at least two programming languages. Assembly Language and Basic. Assembly language (ASM), which is the lowest level language, which means you have more control over the calculator, is the most difficult to master, but the end results are more complex and faster programs. Or you can use Basic, a higher level language, which means you only can only control a certain amount of your calculator. Basic is the easiest language to learn, and the end results are somewhat slower and less complex programs. Basic is an excellent start for beginner programmers, where as ASM is for moderate to advanced programmers. I am currently learning ASM for the TI-83+.


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May 14, 2001: New design, and much more frequent updates! Huzzah!

April 14, 2001: Grand opening of!


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